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    Brian Yager Guest

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    I just recently started using ASP. Here is what I have. I have <BR>a form with the first box is a select box. I have another <BR>select box below it. When the user selects something from the <BR>first select box it needs to fill the second select box based on <BR>what was selected (ie..The first box is a group and the second <BR>is items only in that group). How do I do this with <BR>Javascript? Is Javascript the way to go on this or can I do it <BR>with ASP/VBscript? Thanks to all in advance.<BR>

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    tombola Guest

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    hi, Im just starting using asp for an application and the best thing I did was to do a tutorial on Webmonkey (the backend part)it takes you from scratch, but you could probably jump to the part that you need, it really speeded up the rate of my project. Theres code and a downloadable ,runnable application that sounds like it has waht your looking for, hope that was a help, tom

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