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    Atom Guest

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    I recently posted a message asking whether there are any problems with netscape navigator v.4 and sessions. The answer to this was apparently not, but I am still having a problem. <BR><BR>I have created a session as such, &#039Session("ID")&#039, where ID is an incremented number for each session. This works fine with Internet explorer v.4. However, in netscape everytime I move to another page the Sessin("ID") is incremented. I have checked out your FAQ&#039s and done some reading up, but to no avail. <BR><BR>This is the code that sets the session;<BR><BR> SQL = "SELECT customerID FROM tbltempnumber" <BR> set rs = conn.execute(sql) <BR><BR> ThisOrder = rs(0) + 1 <BR><BR> Session("ID") = ThisOrder <BR><BR>The Session("ID") is then used to store the customers ID and what products they have bought in a database table. This is all the code that I can find that relates to the Session("ID"). Any suggestions.<BR>Many thanks.<BR><BR>

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    TomBong Guest

    Default Have you tried Session.sessionid?

    In my temp tables I just use the session.sessionid variable.

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