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    i want to learn asp ..i would like to practise on my home pc . would u please suggest what software i should have to run asp scripts.. please suggest ..any software available in web to download and work in real environment.. please suggest which material i have to study ..In fact i worked on 3 web projects but never used asp..<BR>thanks

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    PWS is available on the Windows 98 CD in extras or from the Windows NT download site as part of the Windows NT Option Pack<BR><BR>I suggest the following sites for getting started tutorials<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>above all else, i recommend you go out and buy a book on ASP - there are literally hundreds available, flick through a few and see which style of presentation you like the best. Wrox books are very informative and in depth, but sometimes aren&#039t ideal for beginnners, however some of the beginners books get bogged down too much to be readable...<BR><BR>j

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    Thank you ..

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