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    I have a form that people fill out for a small gaming thing that I am doing, They are hosting an event in my tournament. Some of them fill out all the games sections and some don&#039t. I have a display page that shows all this information and it works fine. The thing that I don&#039t like is if they only fill out three games the fourth is left empty and looking quite out of place.<BR><BR>So my question is how do I get the info. out of the array and stop when there is no more information. Let say that the form fields are Game_type_one,map_one,time_one,level_one,rules_one for game one and then I add _two to the next and _three and so on. Not sure what to do, can I maybe make septerate arrays for each game and then test the array to see if it contains information somehow? Or can I use do...while somehow by using something like X=0 and then array(x) while adding one to X each time through.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Stephen

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    Grab the VBScript or JScript language reference from the links to the right, and look up loops<BR><BR>j

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