I recently posted a question about my problem getting the Crystal Reports Smart Viewer object to download. I found the solution to the problem in the developr.hlp file that comes with Crystal Reports.<BR><BR>It turns out that simply putting the &#060;OBJECT&#062; tag in your asp page isn&#039t enough to get CRVIEWER.DLL to download to your PC. You also have to have a virtual directory named "Viewer" set up in IIS under the website that is hosting the viewer. This directory must be pointing to the same physical directory that is specified in the CODEBASE attribute of the object tag.<BR><BR>Additionally, the Crystal web report server does not recognize long pathnames, so you must change the file type pathnames under the website property window in IIS to use the short versions of the pathnames for the Crystal file types such as *.rpt, *.cri, etc.<BR><BR>John Morrison