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    Michael W. Guest

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    If I only have one IP address on my NT server, yet I want to run multiple "sites" (i.e., ). The thing is, I want both the site1 and site2 folder to be their respectable root folders so I don&#039t need to use relative coding for all of them. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!

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    rob Guest

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    if you are running and then you are using virtual folders. i take it you want:<BR><BR> and in which case host header names. each site will have the same ip address and 80 as the port but specify the and as the host header name. using these names to connect (if you are testing locally add to your hosts file or dns) then will will pick up a different site. using the ip address as the url you will get the default site. i think its not recommended to host header the default web site.<BR><BR>rob

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