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    Atom Guest

    Default Sessions in Netscape Navigator

    Does netscape navigator version 4 have any troubles with sessions in asp?

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    Karl Guest

    Default SessionID are held in cookies, no?

    Someone correct me if I&#039m wrong but...<BR><BR>Sessions use cookies on the client-side. But it isn&#039t your typically cookie...first off it&#039s only used to provide a unique identifier for each user.<BR><BR>The variable is held on the server, but the server needs that cookie to exist to identify the client. <BR><BR>But if I&#039m not mistaken, even with cookies disabled, that ASPSESSIONID cookie (which is what it&#039s called) can still exists.<BR><BR>so to answer you&#039re, I can&#039t imagine Netscape would have a problem - and I&#039ve never run into it.<BR><BR>karl

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default It's in the FAQ

    What Karl is saying is basically true... you can have the session exist without cookies enabled, but ONLY on the same page (which defeats the purpose of session variables, right?) Check out the FAQ on this... I think it&#039s one of the 10 most viewed, so you shouldn&#039t have a problem finding it.

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