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    Is there a way to find an Operating system kind of like navigator.appName only one that will give the OS. I tried using navigator.platform, but if someone is using aol 3.0&#039s browser it tells me the operating system is win 3.1 when in fact it is win 95.

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    That&#039s the best option. If you dismiss something because it doesn&#039t work in AOL 3 then you&#039d better dismiss everything, becasue it&#039s a buggy pile of you-know-what...<BR><BR>Nothing works for all browsers.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    that&#039s kind of what I figured, but thought it was worth checking out. Thanks anyway.

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    Default new question

    is there a sight anyone can reccomend where I can go to find out all of the things that I can find out about someone else&#039s system. For example, the navigator.appName and screen.height stuff. Thanks.

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    Dan Evans Guest

    Default Here's a link to the MSDN Index<BR><BR>Just find the Navigator and Screen objects and it will list all of the available properties etc. As long as you know what object you&#039re looking for it&#039s pretty comprehensive.<BR><BR>-Dan Evans

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