I want to use a mailto link to send out an email to all of our customers that we have e-mail addresses stored for in an Access database. But when I try to do this, the addresses get truncated after 256 characters. The link itself shows all of the addresses, but when you click on it, it only takes the first 256 characters. Should I assume this is just a problem with the way mailto links are setup by the OS and it will never work how I want it? Or is there some way of working around this.<BR><BR>Example:<BR>&#060;a href="mailto:?bcc=name@company.com;name2@company2. com;....a bunch of characters later... name20@company20.com"&#062;Click here to e-mail customers&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>And it will cut off somewhere in the middle of name15@company15.com. The e-mail addresses are coming from several different rows under the one column named "EmailAddresses", so it is not a problem with Access limiting me to 256, it is something to do with the actual link.