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    I am having a very annoying problem on our Intranet.......users are having problems when they page forward or backwards through a section of our intranet which has recently been updated - a warning is displayed saying "the page has moved click here. This is very annoying". <BR><BR>The updated pages should have replaced what was there already so I can&#039t see the problem. Also this problem is only seen on users which access the intranet through a aproxy server Proxy Server.<BR><BR>Hope some one out there has had similar experience of this!!!!!!!<BR><BR>Have a nice Xmas!<BR>sid

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    Response.Redirect uses this message to do its redirection. it&#039s probably curable by allowing redirects via the proxy server, but i can&#039t really give you any more specifics than that... as i don&#039t know anything about your proxy config. if you&#039re using Win2k you could server.transfer or server.execute instead<BR><BR>j

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