I have used this javascript function below to enable & disable checkboxes on onchange event of combo box.<BR>but my problem comes that I have many checkboxes which are generated dynamically from the database so the name chk_checkbox1<BR>& so on cannot be hard coded.<BR>now how do I call the name of checkboxes in the line<BR>document.frm_register.chk_checkbox1.disabl ed=true;<BR>Especially I have used a variable to define them initially & put it in a loop which is in asp.<BR>example is<BR>&#060;input type=checkbox name=chk_checkbox"&i&"&#062;<BR>where i=temp<BR>& temp is a variable defined in asp and & i am incrementing i till it reaches value of temp(this is when I am calling the checkbox to be displayed on the page)<BR>So how do i do this checking in the javascript<BR><BR><BR>function disablecheck()<BR>{<BR>if ((document.frm_register.cmb_tyclient.value!="mon") &&(document.frm_register.cmb_tyclient.value!="tue" )&&(document.frm_register.cmb_tyclient.value!="wed "))<BR>{<BR>document.frm_register.chk_checkbox1.di sabled=true;<BR>}<BR>else<BR>{<BR>document.frm_reg ister.chk_checkbox1.disabled=false;<BR>}<BR><BR>re turn false;<BR>}