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    cheril Guest

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    I have a combo box & below it I am displaying checkboxes<BR>Now these checkboxes are being dispalyed in a loop ie<BR>I have written &#060;input type=checkbox..so on&#062; only once<BR>giving the name in a increment loop so that each chheckbox<BR> will have a diff name.<BR>Now what I want is onchange of the combo which has say 7 options<BR>like monday,tuesday............sunday<BR>If monday, tuesady, wednesday is selected the checkboxes should be seen or visible,<BR>but if the any other option is selected the checkbox should be invisible.<BR>The other option for me would be the checkbox to be disabled if it cannot be hidden but priority I would like it to be hidden which if not possible then enable/disable checkbox could be done.<BR>Please could someone help me with the javascript for this function or any other method in ASP<BR>Thhanx for reading<BR>

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    Harish Guest

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    I dont think u can hide the checkboxes but u can definitely disable using *document.formname.chkboxname.disabled=true*

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