What's so great about ASP?

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Thread: What's so great about ASP?

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    JI Guest

    Default What's so great about ASP?

    What&#039s up,<BR><BR>I been trying to figure out what&#039s posible with ASP and what its practicul uses are. I&#039m interested in starting a e-commerce site with over 3000 products ranging from home and garden to fine jewelry to kids toys. What would I use ASP for in a situation like this?<BR><BR>From the material I have read so far the only thing I been able to conect with is adaption to different browsers, platforms, and screen resolution. Although I know how to go about doing this using JavaScript, from what I&#039ve sean ASP shows promis. What else can I do. I&#039ve seen alot of talk about contivity between ASP and DataBases witch sounds interesting but I dont know enough about it yet. Will somebody shead some light on the subject for me. Thanks for your time please respond as soon as possible.

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    Karl Guest

    Default RE: What's so great about ASP?

    first off, it&#039s server side, unlike javascript which is client side. The problem with client side is each client could handle things differently. With server side scripting the only variable is the server - which you have full control over. <BR><BR>The output is pure HTML - which means you can protect your code.<BR><BR>Databases. This is a huge topic. The web has become so content-rich that html has gone from a markup language to being the actual content. This is wrong..and is rapidly changing. With databases we can seperate the content from the way it will be organized (html) and look (css). <BR><BR>Furthermore, if you are going to have 3000 products, do you want to edit 3000 html pages manually? Or do you want to have 1 page which you&#039ll set up ONCE to display the content of a particular row in a database and have it work for 3, 300,3000 or 300000 products? <BR><BR>There&#039s a lot more, such as the power of components. But all server-side scripting languages share these. what sets ASP apart from PHP and other server-side scripting is 1) it&#039s main language is VBscript which is easy to learn 2) it has many developers and a lot of resources (like 4 guys) 3) it is a proven technology.<BR><BR>Karl

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    JI Guest

    Default RE: What's so great about ASP?

    What&#039s up,<BR><BR>So say I have a basic template I have created for the look and feel of my pages were products will be displayed by themselves. This template will be used for all 3000+ products but I want the product image, description, product title, etc. to change for each product. Is it posible to pull the needed description, image location, product tile, etc. from a database for use on a single ASP (i.e /product.asp) and use some sort of identifier to determine which information is to be use? If so how? Thanks for your time please respond as soon as possible.

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    Karl Guest

    Default RE: What's so great about ASP?

    without any understanding of how ASP works, your question is quite big - one which I have no interest in fully answering. But I&#039ll be more than happy to build a shell for you.<BR><BR>In your database, you&#039d have the following colums:<BR><BR>ID - unique identifier<BR>Image - path/filename.gif<BR>Description - text<BR>product - text (I&#039m going to assume this is the name)<BR>etc...<BR><BR>then on a main page you have all your products listed. You can do this simply in ASP by selecting all the product names from the database and their ID and dumping that into a recordset<BR>&#060;%<BR>do while not recordset.eof<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;a href="products.asp?ID=&#060;%=recordset("id")%&#06 2;"&#062;&#060;%=recordset("product")%&#062;&#06 0;/a&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>recordset.movenext<BR>loop<B R>%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Now, the important part there really is the ?ID=&#060;%=recorset("id")%&#062; . When someone loads the page, that will actually look like ?ID=1 or ?ID=100 or ?ID=10000 depending on which product they pick...that allows you to collect the ID value from the product.asp page and pull the information for that particular product.<BR><BR><BR>on the product.asp page you get the ID from the querystring<BR><BR>id = request.querstring("ID")<BR><BR>and then select the row from the database that has that id:<BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM t_products where ID = " & ID<BR><BR>and dump that into another recordset<BR><BR><BR>then when you display things you just<BR><BR>&#060;img src="&#060;%=recorset2("image")%&#062;"&#062;<BR>t he description for this product is: &#060;%=recorset2("description")%&#062;<BR><BR><BR >and so on and so on.<BR><BR><BR>So yet, it is possible...exactly as I&#039ve described it. But you&#039ll need to learn ASP to do it. I&#039m not going to write your site for you...although if you are willing ot pay, I&#039m sure there would be more than 1 eager ASP developper.<BR><BR>Hope you weren&#039t looking for the entire code..<BR><BR>Karl<BR><BR><BR>

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    peterjl@austec.net.au Guest

    Default RE: What's so great about ASP?

    There are a lot of sample e-shop available on-line and with development systems.<BR><BR>MS Visual Interdev comes with sample e-shop site that could easily be adapted to any product range.<BR><BR>Macromedia Ultradev is probably the easiest system to use, and I think that even someone with little database and programming skills, could create a functional and visually attractive e-shop, in a matter of days or even hours. It comes with greate tutorials and you can even download a thirty day trial from www.macromedia.com . That should be more than enough to get your site up and running. The site, that you could create with this trial, would contain good source code and client-server interaction that you could study to com to a good understanding of ASP and web programming.

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    JI Guest

    Default RE: What's so great about ASP?

    No I wasn&#039t expecting you to do the work for me I&#039m just trying to get a grasp on the posibilities and bondry that I face if I were to deside to teach my self ASP/VBScript. Before your Responce I was basicly in the dark because from what I had found so far seamed to be a relitively small learning curve on the subject unlike HTML, JavaScript, ect. but this afternoon I have been looking into it and have found that I basicly need to lern VBScript. Your explanations have persaded me to teach my self. Thanks for the help!

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Don't need to learn VBScript...

    ... you CAN use JavaScript in ASP (possibly better if you already know JavaScript). See, ASP is an environment, and is language-independant. The real (and sometimes overwhelming) reason to use VBScript is that 99.99% of the examples out there are in VBScript.... esp. for the type of app you are describing.<BR><BR>Anyway, if you are going to learn it, post here often, there&#039s a lot of help available. Also in the Microsoft.public newsgroups.<BR><BR>Richard

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    Karl Guest

    Default Jscript != JavaScript

    Javascript and JScript aren&#039t the same thing.<BR><BR>Javascript was created by Netscape, JScript by Microsoft<BR><BR>karl

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Close enough...

    Perhaps, but they are very, very close and JScript is supposed to comply to the ECMA 262 standards for JavaScript (although I know at least one case where it doesn&#039t).<BR><BR>The implication of my statement was simply that you can use your knowledge of the language and don&#039t have to re-learn the syntax for loops, string functions etc. so having every nit-picky detail of the language implemnetation the same, is irrelevant.

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    Default RE: What's so great about ASP?

    the reason ASP has become so popular is because, rarely for Microsoft, they came up with an easy to learn, modular (hence expandable), powerful server-side framework which can do virtually anything your PC can do, but through the medium of the Web. <BR><BR>ASP is actually language neutral, meaning, if there is a language you particularly like, and it has an ActiveX scripting engine available, you can use that to program ASP. On my servers I have the standard JScript and VBScript, along with Perlscript and Python installed. You can also use compiled languages like C, C++, VB, Java - in fact anything which is COM-compliant. This gives it an instant advantage over PHP, JSP and ColdFusion, which are definitely not language neutral (but here&#039s a secret - PHP is actually easier to learn than ASP)<BR><BR>A programmer with a reasonable knowledge of how windows works can do literally ANYTHING with ASP, and lesser mortals can buy (or get for free) components to extend the capabilities of their server. What&#039s more, it&#039s Free! (of course, php and JSP are free too, COldFusion being the odd, expensive one.<BR><BR>Before ASP came along, most server-side work was done in Perl, and while Perl is great, it&#039s not easy to learn. That&#039s where microsoft really won. Shame they&#039re screwing that up with the new .NET framework, which really is awful to work with, despite what other people may tell you.<BR><BR>my five cents<BR><BR>j

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