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    Hi. I am having trouble with a form using the post method. It does&#039nt work when &#039enctype="multipart/form-data"&#039 is used but it does if no enctype is specified. I need the enctype because the user is attaching a file. If the enctype is specified, no variables are getting &#039posted&#039.<BR><BR>Hmm, any suggestions?<BR>Thanks

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    let&#039s see where you&#039re going wrong.<BR><BR>j

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    I will assume that you are using a 3rd party component to do the uploading, I use ASPUpload and to get the field values after the file has been uploaded the code is like<BR><BR>For each Item in Upload.Form<BR>Response.write Item.Name & ": " Item.value & "<BR>" & vbcrlf<BR>Next<BR><BR>You could try that but can&#039t promise it will work if your not using ASPUpload<BR>

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