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    Kevin Guest

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    I am trying to find the syntax to list all the tables in my database. I know I&#039ve seen it before but I can&#039t find it now that I need it. Can someone advise how to do this. Thanks in advance.

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    gh Guest

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    ADODB.Connection.OpenSchema() returns a recordset of the tables in the database.<BR><BR>...<BR> Set oRS = oConn.OpenSchema(adSchemaTables) &<BR> <BR> Do Until oRS.EOF<BR>&nbsp┬*┬* Response.Write "Table name: " & _<BR>&nbsp┬*┬*┬*┬* oRS("TABLE_NAME") & _<BR>&nbsp&nbsp┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* " Table type: " & oRS("TABLE_TYPE") & "&ltbr&gt"<BR>&nbsp┬*┬*┬* oRS.MoveNext<BR> Loop<BR> oRS.Close<BR>

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