Microsoft.XMLHTTP pukes on .send() when connection

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Thread: Microsoft.XMLHTTP pukes on .send() when connection

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    Mike Traum Guest

    Default Microsoft.XMLHTTP pukes on .send() when connection

    Does anyone know how to test for a failure of I&#039ve tried the return code as well as .readyState, and neither work.<BR><BR> fails (ASP returns a nasty error) on my development machine when I am not connected to the internet (dial-up). I don&#039t know why this would be, but imagine it is possible to occur on a server and right now I cannot test for it nor have I seen any documentation of this behavior.

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Capture the error:

    If the server name or address can not be resolved, the XMLHTTP object will throw and error: "The server name or address could not be resolved" so trap for err #: -2147012889 in the ASP page. Actually, it&#039s possible you&#039re getting a different error, but you should trap for whatever&#039s happening.<BR><BR>Richard

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