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    I&#039m looking for suggestions on how to simulate the form/subform layout and functionality found in MS Access. The relationship of <BR>the data would be &#039one-to-many&#039, and I&#039m hoping to be able to show the &#039one&#039 side along with the &#039many&#039 side in one view. Also, the editing functions of all the data would hopefully be facilitated by the use of Visual InterDev&#039s FormManager (with some modification).<BR><BR><BR>For example, for an invoice there exists a &#039header&#039 record containing bill-to, ship-to, date of invoice, etc and a number of &#039detail&#039 record that would contain a list of products for an invoice.<BR><BR>Would an HTML frames-based approach be feasible, where the invoice &#039header&#039 record might be displayed in a top-most frame and child records be displayed in a lower frame?<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Why do you need frames? Tables would do the job just fine.<BR><BR>I don&#039t use VI, but this isn&#039t a tough problem to code even if you are using NotePad.<BR><BR>You dump the header stuff in one table, however it should appear, and then use a separate table (or even a nested table) for the invoice details.<BR><BR>You could even do it all in a single query, perhaps using multiple recordsets. But since it would only take two queries to do it the easy way, I&#039m not sure that even that level of sophisitication is needed.<BR><BR>Maybe I&#039m missing something, but what "technique" are you expecting to find? This really does seem pretty straightforward to me. <BR><BR>

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