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    How can I develop my ASP pages using IE and PWS while NOT connected to the internet?(offline..) it seems that I need to be connected to the internet for IE and PWS to run my ASP pages even when I am developing locally on my laptop??? For me to do this I have to use Netscape Navigator which works fine without any internet connection. Am i missing something with IE? What&#039s the deal with IE??? Help!

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    Good news for you .... Guest

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    When you want to develop asp based application ,It is not necessary to be conected in the internet.What you realy need , is to communicate with your pages using http:// protocol ...<BR><BR> PWS,Windows98(WindowsME),IE are the best way to start develop<BR><BR>Most ASP programers born in this way ...<BR><BR>So , when you install PWS, you will get internet server of yor PC, your domain will be http://&#060;YOUR COMPUTER NAME&#062;<BR><BR>And that is ......<BR><BR>Happy developing ....

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