how do i open 2 pages in different frame

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Thread: how do i open 2 pages in different frame

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    Default how do i open 2 pages in different frame

    situation:<BR>page1:<BR>&#060;form action="check_passwd.asp" method="post"&#062;password:&#060;input name="pword" type="password"&#062;<BR>page2:<BR>&#060;%if request.form("pword") &#060;&#062; "test" then<BR>response.write "error"<BR>response.end<BR>end if<BR>&#039here i put the content of the page<BR><BR>question:<BR>i have 2 frames. at the moment, when the password is correct, only 1 frame will be showing the correct info.<BR>i would like to update both frames when a user knows the correct password. something like a jsscript routine that updates the window.self and window.parent<BR><BR>any suggestions?

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    Default You already gave the answer..

    As you said, a JS script that updates both.<BR><BR>If you need it to happen only after you have posted to an ASP page, then simply have the ASP code return an HTML page that includes the JS code to force the other page to update...possibly via &#060;BODY onLoad="parent.OtherPage.document.location.href=&# 039updateOther.asp&#039;"&#062; or something akin to that.<BR><BR>

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