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    Mark Baxter Guest

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    Can anyone help? <BR>I want to be able to track the visitors to lets say three different remote sites [my sites of course!]. <BR>I understand how to get the information that i wish to track, hits, server variables etc... and i can log them into a database etc... <BR><BR>What i cannot understand is how to pass this information from the remote site to my site that&#039s doing the tracking? <BR>Lets say that site 1 has the data base and I want to track hits etc... from site 2 and pass this information to the database or whatever at site 1....I&#039m sure it&#039s fairly straightforward but i don&#039t see how to do it! <BR><BR>Many Thanks to anyone that replies <BR>Mark B

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    Karl Guest

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    If you are using something other than Access, you could just remotely connect to the database of your 3 sites.<BR><BR>If not, you might need to use something like ASPTear which is can read up on it here:<BR><BR>karl

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