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    Hi,<BR>I have the usd-inr rates in database which are updated every 10 minutes in database.I have to provide an option for the user to enter his required rate ..(when he is browsing the site) and when the value in the database touches that rate i have to give an alert msg to the user..<BR>for example if the user has asked for the required rate as 46.00 and if the value in the database becomes 46 he should get an alert message..<BR>any help...pls<BR>thanks in advance<BR>rkmuvva

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    What you *really* need for this is a Java that will stay resident as the user moves from page to page within your site.<BR><BR>Failing that, the best idea I have would be to use frames for your site. One of the frames--either an outer one that stays the same all the time or (probably better) a 100% hidden frame simply does a META REFRESH every 5 minutes or so and, when the rate hits the required value, it uses a tiny bit of JS code to pop up the alert.<BR><BR>I like the hidden frame idea the best, because it would simply keep reloading the same ASP page. And that page would actually contain nothing at all until and unless the required value is reached. Very low overhead. You could use a SESSION value to keep track of the required value. Very easy code, low overhead. And the invisible frame wouldn&#039t even affect the layout of your pages. Hmmm...yes, I think that&#039s the way to go.<BR><BR>

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