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    ok.. i have a multiple select box with some text values in it. When a user selects 2 items from the multiple select. in the the next page request.form i get values as for e.g aaa,bbb <BR>I need to execute a sql query <BR><BR>select * from columnname in(&#039aaa&#039,&#039bbb&#039)<BR>how do i get those 2 single quotes. Sql doesnt execute the query without those. Anyhelp <BR><BR>thnxx in advance<BR><BR>brij

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    karl Guest

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    This is a real hack job:<BR><BR>Dim frmVar<BR><BR>frmVar = "&#039" & frmVar & "&#039" <BR>frmVar = replace(frmVar, ",", "&#039,&#039")<BR><BR>Karl<BR>

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    karl Guest

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    DOH!<BR><BR>you gotta frmVar = request.form("whatever")<BR><BR>after you declare it and before you start mucking around with it.<BR>I&#039m sure you would have figured that..but hey...<BR><BR>k

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