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    cheril Guest

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    can someone pl tell if there is anything like<BR>If Exists &#060;condition&#062; then<BR>bla bla<BR>else<BR>bla bla<BR>end if<BR>or anything near to that above(i mean if there is anything like if exists & what does it do)please give me a small example on how it is used & where & its syntax.<BR>Also secondly what is .js, I mean .html & .asp are for html & asp files extensions but what about .js(which language is it)<BR>Thanx

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    karl Guest

    Default This won't help you....

    What are you trying to do with your "If Exists" determine if a variable exists? And of course, if you run an IF statement on a variable that doesn&#039t exist, you get an error. <BR><BR>If that&#039s the case, as far as I&#039m concerned, that&#039s bad coding. The existance of a variable should never be in question, only it&#039s value. Having said that, I have tried it before, and could ne&#039er figure it out. I&#039d be surprised if there was one, although I&#039d be interested in knowing for sure.<BR><BR>.Js files are JavaScript library files...they can be included externally from the .html/.asp file. They contain pure JavaScript. You&#039d use them for the same reason you INCLUDE files in asp.<BR><BR>karl

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