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    Default Response.Redirect and Connections

    I open connections to the database and then Response.Redirect if a condition is met.<BR><BR>If I do that I guess the connection and recordset objects aren&#039t being destroyed on that page... Does this matter, and if they are not explicitly destroyed how long do they persist?<BR>

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    Default very simple..

    before redirection close connection and release it .<BR>for example<BR>&#039open conn<BR>if weather = "hot" then<BR>//do something<BR>else &#039redirect<BR> &#039close and release before redirection<BR> conn.close<BR> set conn = nothing<BR> <BR> &#039redirect<BR> response.redirect "file1.asp"<BR>end if <BR>end if<BR>

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    Steve W Guest

    Default Doh... Thanks!

    Doh... Thanks!

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