how do i use "enableExternalCapture()"

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Thread: how do i use "enableExternalCapture()"

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    here is what i want to do...<BR>i have a page that gets served to me ("client"), on this page i have four IFrames along with another tiny IFrame. The four IFrames pull in pages of the server. However, the other tiny IFrame is supposed to execute a javascript function every ten second (using meta-refresh), to check the location property of the other IFrames on the master page.<BR><BR>To make a long story short, this javascript is supposed to find out if we have a dsnerror (e.g. the server is down) and then replace all pages in the IFrames with loccal pages of the client.<BR><BR>However, when pulling this javascript page from my local machine I get a permission problem within the DOM (i think) because I don&#039t get access to the other IFrames&#039 properties anymore. If I have this javascript page on the server it works fine....<BR><BR>So far i have found some help that says i have to use the enableExternalCapture() function of javascript.. but i am not quite sure how to implement it.<BR><BR>I hope i was able to convey what i am trying to do. Any help would greatly be appreciated.<BR><BR>Andre

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    I may not fully understand the situation, but one thing that got my attention is that you use meta-refresh in the smaller iframe to check locations in the other iframes. That makes me wonder if the refresh from the server is what&#039s messing you up. Have you considered using setInterval for this, instead?<BR><BR>window.setInterval(functionToRun, milliSecondsBetweenRunningIt)<BR><BR>This should also be easier on the server.<BR>

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