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    does anybody how to deploy an activeX control over the internet? in my asp page, the object tag for the control points to &#039codebase=myvirtual directory where my cab file is at&#039<BR><BR>the cab file does download but the control still does not display..i even manually register it and included a licence(lpk) file in the cab file..<BR><BR>can anybody help?..

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    Default well..

    a new medical college student went to hospital-college on his first day, and he had to ask for directions. he asked a old doctor: &#039where do i go from here ?&#039<BR>the old doctor replied:&#039 straight into another profession .." <BR>ha ha<BR><BR>so, similarly, take my advice, and avoid embedding actovex controls, find some other way, most of us do

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    Create a CAB file for installing a Activex Control<BR>Steps.<BR> Create a INF file<BR> Create a DDF file<BR> Create a CAB file <BR><BR> In the Object tag the cab file should be included in the code base section. The OCX or file will be installed in the "%windows%/ Downloaded program files" in the client. In the Browser, the Internet security should be set to "LOW" to download the control without authentication and Allow Download of Unsigned Activex controls. Otherwise the control should be signed and a license file should be created for that. ( More details on this in MSDN)

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