Ok I have this code for getting all the information out of my database.<BR>-----------------------------------------<BR>&#060;%<BR> SQL = "SELECT one_type,two_type,event_three_type,event_four_type ,map_one,map_two,map_three,map_four,time_one,time_ two,time_three,time_four,level_one,level_two,level _three,level_four,notes_one,notes_two,notes_three, notes_four FROM eventinfo WHERE ID=" & Request.QueryString("recid")<BR> SET rs = conn.Execute(SQL)<BR> game_array = rs.getrows<BR> rs.close<BR> conn.close<BR> SET rs=nothing<BR> SET conn=nothing<BR> <BR><BR> <BR> FOR i = 0 TO ubound(game_array,2)<BR> type_one_i = game_array(1,i)<BR> type_two = game_array(2,i)<BR> type_three = game_array(3,i)<BR> type_four = game_array(4,i)<BR> map_one = game_array(5,i)<BR> map_two = game_array(6,i)<BR> map_three = game_array(7,i)<BR> map_four = game_array(8,i)<BR> time_one = game_array(9,i)<BR> time_two = game_array(10,i)<BR> time_three = game_array(11,i)<BR> time_four = game_array(12,i)<BR> level_one = game_array(13,i)<BR> level_two = game_array(14,i)<BR> level_three = game_array(15,i)<BR> level_four = game_array(16,i)<BR> notes_one = game_array(17,i)<BR> notes_two = game_array(18,i)<BR> notes_three = game_array(19,i)<BR> &#039notes_four = game_array(20,i)<BR> NEXT<BR> %&#062;<BR><BR><BR>what I want to do now is make a table with four cols. The info for each collum would go like this.<BR><BR>Game# - game type - game map - game time - game level<BR> 1 - LMotH(type_one) - Gimble(map_one) - 10 min.(time_one) - Normal<BR>I do not have the game# collum in the data base but I was pretty sure I was going to use an i = something so I thought I could use &#039i&#039 for the game#.<BR><BR>Any Ideas? Once again I would have a good book on this now if Christmas was not so close, pretty sure the wife got me one ;)<BR><BR>Thanks for you time an effort in this for me<BR><BR>Stephen