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    Default netscape checkbox problems

    i have a page that works fine in IE, but in netscape 4.0. It is a dynamic page contained within a template with horizontal on left and vertical navbars. within the page is a table, dispaying several rows of checkboxes, each one with a name preceeding it. the checkboxes the furthest to the right for some reason can not be clicked in netscape, they show up, and they show up as either checked or unchecked as they should, but in netscape you can not change them. has anyone ran into this problem before, i think it has something to do with there position on the page, but am not sure.<BR><BR>

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    Default Bill W. Please Read

    please read the above post, since noone else seems to have any clue. i thought you might.

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    Default RE: not Bill, but a suggestion

    You may have already tried this. But when I run into these compatibility issues, I find its usually because I am using "nonstandard" html, that IE forgives but Netscape does not. Its usually something like tags being out of order, etc. and it comes when I do a lot of dynamic form generation.<BR><BR>I use an HTML Validation program (I like HTML Validate) when I get stuck, on the generated HTML page. While it identifies a lot of nonsense, it usually finds some little thing that makes all the difference in netscape.

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