I&#039m trying to use the adrotator and am getting the following error. <BR><BR><BR>MSWC.Adrotator error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>ERROR Cannot load rotation schedule file <BR><BR>/notamember.asp, line 165 <BR><BR>Here is the code that I am using in my page <BR><BR>&#060;% <BR>Dim ad <BR>Set ad = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.AdRotator") <BR>Response.Write(ad.GetAdvertisement("scripts/adrot.txt")) <BR>%&#062; <BR><BR>The only thing I can think is my path is incorrect. But I think it is correct since my asp file is in my root directory. The adrot.txt is in a folder named scripts in the root and the the actual file. <BR><BR>Here is my text file <BR>WIDTH 468 <BR>HEIGHT 60 <BR>BORDER 1 <BR>* <BR>http://www.contractorsdirect.cc/banners/visa.gif <BR>http://www.yahoo.com <BR>Get your visa credit card here <BR>20 <BR>http://www.contractorsdirect.cc/banners/mentadent.gif <BR>http://www.colgate.com <BR>Brush your teeth <BR>30 <BR>http://www.contractorsdirect.cc/banners/winatrip.gif <BR>See the world with Velocity.com <BR>30 <BR><BR>Your help is really appreciated <BR>my email is jsedrick@dnai.com <BR>