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    I have a framesite and a login-form in the navigation frame (left.html).<BR>The submit button points to document (check.html) who checks if user are already in the database.<BR>And if the user are valued another frame opens (right.html)<BR><BR>The problem is that the form (in left.html) must reset automatic<BR><BR>How do I solve this problem?

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    David,<BR><BR>I assume you&#039ve named your frames, and I&#039ll assume "LeftFrame" and "RightFrame" are the names.<BR><BR>right.html should include in the body tag:<BR><BR>&#060;body onload="javascript window.LeftFrame.location.href=&#039insert url here&#039;"&#062;<BR><BR>OR<BR><BR>&#060;body onload="javascript window.LeftFrame.formName.reset();"&#062;

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