I have tried many methods but still cannot solve it. Pls help! <BR><BR>SQL Server 7.0 is installed on Eng NT Server. <BR>I use VB to develop application on Eng Windows 2000. <BR><BR>I can read/write traditional chinese through Eng NT client to SQL server through NJCommunicator. And Chi NT client can read this chinese but cannot write (i.e. the chinese character cannot store on SQL server after sending from Chi NT client. the stored data always like &#039???&#039) <BR><BR>I have tried to put the SQL Server on Chi NT Server. The scenario was exactly reversed. <BR>Chi NT client can read/write chinese to SQL. Eng NT client can read this but cannot write. <BR><BR>Is it the language of ADO problem? Can anyone suggest what should I do. Really thx~~~ <BR> <BR>