PLEASE HELP Unknown behavior with Netscape 4.05 PA

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Thread: PLEASE HELP Unknown behavior with Netscape 4.05 PA

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    Vadim Guest

    Default PLEASE HELP Unknown behavior with Netscape 4.05 PA

    Hi,<BR><BR>The scenario:<BR>User logs in the login page, get&#039s sent to a scripting page which just checks the user&#039s identity, places a session variable, then without even seeing that page he sees his profile. (the response.redirect file that verification page send you to if OKayed). that page opens a pop-up window.<BR><BR>The symptoms:<BR>In IE and Netscape 6 the whole process takes not even a second. <BR>In Netscape 4.05 Windows version, after login, you are left dangling for about 30-50 seconds before it logs you in and all is okay. But I have discovered that if just after login, I DON&#039T wait, and maximize another program&#039s window on the taskbar, THE PAGE LOADS!!!! Why does it do this???? It doesn&#039t make sense that say "answering an ICQ message" will make a page load faster. <BR>In Netscape 4.05/Linux it just won&#039t even load ever.<BR><BR>THE FACTS:<BR>Hardware: running AMD ATHLON 700, 256MB RAM, 7200RPM hard drive<BR>DB: sql Server 7.0<BR>OS: Windows 2000 (therefore IIS 5.0)<BR><BR>Since this is a development page, I&#039m running it off my own Cable modem line. but viewing from your own computer shouldn&#039t create this problem anyways right???<BR><BR>PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME.<BR><BR>I am wondering if it&#039s the verification page that&#039s buggy (I have removed it and just logged in to a simple helloworld.asp file and there was no lag). <BR><BR>Here&#039s my code for the verification script:<BR><BR>&#060;%@ Language=VBScript %&#062;<BR>&#060;% option explicit <BR><BR>dim theLogin, thePassword, liveDSN, RSV, RS, sqlContacts, status<BR>dim sqlTest, Con, result, sqlOnlineStatus, sqlString, theUser, thePswd<BR><BR>&#039Get the form data passed from the client<BR>theLogin = TRIM(Request ("username") )<BR>thePassword = TRIM(Request ("password") )<BR><BR>&#039open a connection to the database<BR>Set Con = Server.CreateObject( "ADODB.Connection" )<BR>liveDSN = "DSN=theProject;uid=XXXX;password=XXXX"<BR>Con.ope n liveDSN<BR><BR>&#039function to check up on the login<BR>FUNCTION validateLogin( theUser, thePswd )<BR>sqlTest = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE login = &#039" & theUser & "&#039 "<BR>Set RS = Con.Execute(sqlTest)<BR> IF RS.EOF THEN<BR> validateLogin = 1<BR> ELSE<BR> IF RS("password") &#060;&#062; thePswd THEN<BR> validateLogin = 2<BR> ELSE<BR> validateLogin = 0<BR> END IF<BR> END IF<BR>END FUNCTION<BR><BR>result = validateLogin( theLogin, thePassword )<BR><BR>IF theLogin = "" OR thePassword = "" THEN<BR> Response.Redirect "error100.asp"<BR>ELSEIF result = 1 THEN<BR> Response.Redirect "error101.asp"<BR>ELSEIF result = 2 THEN<BR> Response.Redirect "error101.asp"<BR>ELSE<BR><BR>&#039the user is valid, we now set his online status to ONLINE, 1.<BR>sqlOnlinestatus = "UPDATE users SET onlinestatus = 1 WHERE login = &#039" & theLogin & "&#039 "<BR>Set RSV = Con.Execute(sqlOnlinestatus)<BR><BR>sqlString = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE login &#060;&#062; &#039" & theLogin & "&#039 "<BR>Set RS = Con.Execute(sqlString)<BR><BR>&#039We assign session variables to maintain the login name throughout the session.<BR>&#039We first must clean the user&#039s session variables in case another person uses the computer of the user<BR>&#039and attempts to login, this is a double precaution, in case he forgot to logout.<BR>Session("login") = theLogin<BR>Session("theContacts") = RS("contacts")<BR>Response.Redirect "profile.asp"<BR><BR>END IF<BR>%&#062;

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    Jean Marc BĂ©land Guest

    Default RE: PLEASE HELP Unknown behavior with Netscape 4.0

    I think the real problem comes from the AMD ATHLON processor, you really should thinking about getting some Intel here<BR><BR><BR>Esti-d&#039calice !

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    Vadim Guest

    Default Please, no AMD vs. Intel debate. My question plea

    Now how the heck would ATHLON be the cause of that? Give me some facts in my face please. It&#039s not a K6. Athlon&#039s are still pretty darn good chips. <BR><BR>Just give me facts to believe that, and not just "oh, it&#039s an AMD" thing. I don&#039t want to start on the Intel-AMD debate. Can anything else be the problem. <BR><BR>-Vadim

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Have you tried a netscape newsgroup or msg. board.

    ... just a thought that some folks there might know better than we.

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    Default RE: Please, no AMD vs. Intel debate. My question

    That was the most stupid reply I&#039ve ever read. Of course it&#039s not a processor issue (hell, I run a K6-2 at home and netscape runs fine)<BR><BR>Can you reproduce this error on another machine? Could be a buggy install. Then again it could be a rendering bug in 4.05, which would explain why they knocked out half a dozen 4.0x releases....<BR><BR>Dunc

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