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    Rajiv Ranjan Guest

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    What is use of ASP. Is it required for web. Is there any new techology available which is much better than ASP.

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    Vadim Guest

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    ASP, in short permits serveral dynamic pages to be created, allows for database interactions, and allows various modules to be programmed together and create a beautful Web products in the end. It can be used for Internet as well as Intranet. This is a very very broad definition, but here read this FAQ from <BR><BR>Follow this link for a good description:<BR><BR><BR>As for other technologies that allow "similar" behaviors:<BR><BR>PHP3/4 pages, really a Linux based language, but runs anywhere. Runs with Apache web server. It&#039s open source, and therefore somewhat lacking tools, it&#039s not "mature" enough for the eCommerce/B2B world. (personal opinion)<BR><BR>ColdFusion: It&#039s probably the easiest to use scripting language for dynamic webpage development. It&#039s got a nice "GUI". It requires a Cold Fusion Server, which is proprietary.<BR><BR>JSP (Java Server Pages): Based on the Java programming language, very much in its infancy stages, but man, this is going to be a language to set eyes on. Java components are very much desirable nowadays. But again, similar to php4, it&#039s got few supporting tools.... for now... =)<BR><BR>Hope this helps answer a few of your questions,<BR><BR>-Vadim

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