I know that I am doing smth. wrong but can not get it.<BR>I am trying to populate listbox dinamicaly.<BR>Please help<BR><BR>// myMod1 -- array<BR><BR>function loadmd(md){<BR> var selmod = md.selectedIndex;<BR> var mod = document.form1.model.options.length;<BR> var bag = document.form1.model.options;<BR> var lln = document.form1.model.options.length;<BR> for (i = mod; i &#062;= 0; i--) {<BR> document.form1.model.options[i] = null;<BR> }<BR> <BR> if (selmod!= -1){<BR>if (md.options[selmod].value == 1){<BR>for (var b = 1;b &#060;= lln;b ++){<BR>for (var a = 1;a &#060;= myMod1;a ++){<BR>lln[b] = myMod1[a]<BR>}}<BR>bag[lln[b]]=myMod1[a]<BR>}<BR><BR>Thanks.