&nbsp;<BR>Here&#039s what I&#039m trying to do: <BR><BR>I have 2 tables, one with messages, one with replies. What I want to do is when there is a reply, (at the top of my processing page before inserting the reply data) I want to select the email addresses of people who have requested to be notified when there is a reply to a thread. The problem is retrieving all of the names and entering them into the strTo variable and providing commas between them. (I tried to use the same alias for the records from both tables so I would just have one field for one variable, but that didn&#039t work.) :-(<BR><BR>It&#039s possible that there is no record in the Messages table, but could be some in the Replies table (and vice versa) which makes it difficult to know where to put the commas, whether I use one recordset or 2. <BR><BR>I think I got in over my head on this one! I can get the notification feature to work if I just use the results of one table, but haven&#039t figured out how to get both and enter them into the strTo variable with the commas in the right places.<BR><BR>Does that make sense? <BR><BR>I&#039d really appreciate any thoughts on how to sort this one out! <BR><BR>ginger<BR>