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    Elaine Pack Guest

    Default Insufficient base table information for updating o

    I am well aware that there are a goodly number of causes of the 80004005 error, but can anyone discuss some common causes of this specific one? (Insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing)<BR><BR>I have an asp that adds records to an Access 97 table just fine, and another asp that was cloned from that one but writes to a different db--the new one is failing on the rs.update statement. It follows this syntax:<BR><BR>set cn=server.createobject("adodb.connection")<BR>cn.o pen "DSN=whatever"<BR><BR>mySQL = "select * from table;"<BR>xx = request("value from prev pgm")<BR>[more fields like this one]<BR><BR>set rs.server.createobject("adodb.recordset")<BR> rsorlocation=3<BR> mySQL,cn,3,3,1<BR><BR>cn.begintrans<BR>rs.addnew<B R>rs.fields("xx") = xx<BR>[more fields like this one]<BR>rs.update<BR>cn.committrans<BR><BR>and I&#039ll be durned if I can see why. The db is currently empty, and there are no other cn or rs in the program. I was able to mess with a record earlier today, and as far as I know, the db/ODBC *should* be untouched. I&#039ve been messing around with the programs rather a lot, true, trying to get it working, but I&#039m pretty sure everything is spelled right, etc; however, I&#039ll continue checking that, too, just in case. I just can&#039t update the added record :( Or even verify that it got actually added, update or no (can that be checked, btw?)<BR><BR>Thnx!<BR>

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    Default Cursor type should be adOpenKeyset ( 1) for updat

    In your line:<BR> mySQL,cn,3,3,1<BR>The first 3 corresponds to adOpenStatic cursor type. I often use adOpenDynamic, but adOpenKeyset is the most appropriate for updates.

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    elaine Guest

    Default RE: Cursor type should be adOpenKeyset ( 1) for u

    I&#039m not entirely familiar with all of this, so I&#039m not sure what number your parameter equates to--I&#039ll look it up, tho. However, I can say that the original program that my problem was copied from is like this and it works fine (tested it again today) :( This is all quite confusing to me :( but thanks very much.

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