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    James W. Guest

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    Ok, in IIS5, if you redirect after headers are written, you don&#039t get the &#039Headers already written&#039 error. This is nice but I&#039m developing for IIS4 and want to turn this off so I make sure not to cause errors.<BR>I&#039ve hunted around IIS5 manager but can&#039t find anything. Anybody know?<BR>TIA

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    Uh, yeah, you still get that error with IIS 5. What is happeneing, I&#039d wager, is that you really aren&#039t writing any HTML comment before using your Response.Redirect **because** ASP 3.0 has the Response.Buffer value set to True by default. In your page where you think you can write HTML content before issuing a Response.Redirect simply add:<BR><BR>Response.Buffer = False<BR><BR>at the top of your ASP page and watch it blow up. :-)<BR><BR>So, to fix this, simply turn on buffering for the ASP 2.0 (IIS 4) page... just add:<BR><BR>Response.Buffer = True<BR><BR>to the top of the page...<BR><BR>HTH

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    James W Guest

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    I knew the error was occuring, mainly because I was writing a passed value to debug & it wasn&#039t appearing. Thanks for the tip!<BR>Is there any way to turn it off for the entire site/server?<BR>

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