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    If you have MSN Messenger installed on your computer, have you seen the MSN homepage? See the yellow area, top right? Notice how the page does not refresh, but when someone logs on/off, their icon appears/disappears respectively. How is this done? Is there any docs on this? I would like to use this feature for our "Contact Us" page. If one of my support staff is online, then I would like their name/icon to appear on this page. Ideas?? Thanx!! -dz

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    MSN Messenger is proprietary to MSN, so you probably wouldn&#039t be able to access the stuff they use to do this. They&#039d be very interested in protecting their investment...<BR><BR>j

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    Sorry, can&#039t find anything on it. But I did install Messenger on my machine and dig around in VB a bit. I found I could make a reference to "Messenger Type Library." <BR><BR>Adding this reference allows me to create new objects MessengerApp and MSGRObject. That MSGRObject has a whole bunch of interesting methods, like "FindUser" and "SendPage."<BR><BR>Doesn&#039t look like Microsoft has released any info on MSDN on how to use this stuff, but if you play around with it a bit you might be able to figure it out. <BR><BR>Let us know if you find anything further.

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