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Thread: ASP vs JSP

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    Lauri Guest

    Default ASP vs JSP

    I&#039m a beginning web developer. I&#039m not sure to either learn Active Server Page or Java Server Page. What&#039s the advantages and disadvantages of both? Please advise.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Pepsi vs Coke

    Question is, how comfortable are you at learning?<BR><BR>ASP can use VBScript... an easy language to pick up on.<BR>Java/JavaScript is a picky language and not as forgiving.<BR><BR>I&#039ve heard JSP is supposed to be faster, but have never seen it proven in a benchmark. If so, I&#039m sure it&#039s measured in nanoseconds.<BR><BR>Pick which ever one you want, although there is probably more help available/jobs available for ASP.

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    Default very true

    you can trip on ASP jobs but you have to really dig for JSP jobs. They are both obviously out there but good luck to the JSP people.

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    patricklocke Guest

    Default RE: ASP vs JSP

    IMHO<BR>JSP is slow and besides that... java stinks.<BR>Learn to use VBscript and ASP <BR>or<BR>PHP which now runs splendidly on either a Linux/Unix box or a Windows one. <BR><BR>If ASP the book to get is Visuals Read Less, Learn More Active Server Pages 3.0.<BR><BR>I have read dozens of books thru the years but this one, which was only recenly released.. has all you need for most things. You can read it in one sitting! Great! I whish i had it years ago.<BR><BR>NEVER use WSIWIG programs like DRUMBEAT... you will never learn and make super crappy code (I speak from experience) untill you write by hand. Homesite is great. <BR><BR>There is a good article out about the speed differnces of PHP ASP ColdFusion etc...<BR><BR>If i find it ill post it. ASP and PHP are fastest - more than twice as fast as any others... and so easy.<BR><BR>Avoid the JAVA muck... despite the hype. It&#039s lame. Use Perl if you must...<BR>

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