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    Look, I know VERY little about ASP, besides what Ive heard in coversations and what Ive read in some tutorials this morning.... but heres my situation...<BR><BR>Im a freelance HTML guy.<BR>This place Im working at has some ASP page that sends out mailings that pull the message from a text file and the emails from an access database.<BR>They cant get it to work, and they want me to figure it out...<BR>Ive ascertained some basics so far... I think the script is working/written fine, but I think we are just not running it correctly... when we call the ASP page from a browser, it pulls it in as a text file. The PC im on does not recognize the ASP extension... so I downloaded personal web server (for NT 4) because someone told me that would force my computer to see ASP extensions and allow my browser to run the ASP... no luck... still just coming in as a text file... Im sure that this script works, because the guy who used to work here sent out a mailing in front of these people, but they dont remember how he did it... I suspect his computer was set up correctly, and the workstation im using is not...<BR><BR>Does this sound familiar to anyone?<BR>Should I just upload the files to the server and then run them?<BR>Is it possible to run this locally?<BR><BR>Sorry to waste everyones time... just struggling over here...<BR>

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    I think it should be an issue with the settings. Check out whether your mail server is initialzed properly for sending out the mails

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    You cannot "run" asp locally, like you can view HTML. They must but run from a hosting server. And in your case, the hosting server must also have CDONTS (im guess thats what the email program uses) installed as well.<BR><BR>If you dont know whether you are viewing the page locally or not, look in the address bar of the page being displayed. If it says something like C:somedirmyasp.asp or \somemachinesomedirmyasp.asp you are trying to run it locally.<BR><BR>Put it up on the server and try it from there.

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    Thank You Guys, definitely was the problem... THANKS! phew...

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