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    Barry Guest

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    We use IIS5/ASP with a SQL Server2000 database.<BR>All the tutorials I have read on xml/xsl are things that it seem far easier doing in a database and using asp/css.<BR><BR>Why would you want to store data in a xml file when you could store it in a database. The xml stuff I have read just indicates that tables have to be set up by administrators while xml has the structure built in?! thats hardly justification for using it?<BR><BR>Any clarification as to why it deserves all the hype would be helpfull

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    Good point. To be perfectly honest I think a lot of the stuff you read has been written without any real thought as to whether XML is the most appropriate solution - people just want to use XML so they can say that they&#039re using XML and get all the kudos for being bleeding-edge... Like many other web technologies the hype is being driven by marketing, not logic.<BR><BR>It definitely does have applications in data interchange, but databases aren&#039t going to go away. Everyone seems to have forgotten that XML was designed for structured documents, not raw data. If you want to generate an order schedule that can be passed around umpteen different processes (possibly on different platforms) and can still be human-readable at a push it&#039s just the ticket, but I wouldn&#039t us it as a datastore per se.<BR><BR>Disclaimer: this is entirely my unfounded personal opinion. I may be talking rubbish.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    I have been using XML on a daily basis for about the last 2 months, and so far the biggest thing I see about XML is it is everything independent. This means that if I have an XML doc, and I write code to parse out this doc on my NT box using ASP, and then you want to use the same XML doc on your Linux box using PHP, our output will be identical (at least as far as data is concerned).<BR><BR>Also, and though it never will nor never was meant to replace a database, querying the database and building an XML page will do wonders for performance on sites where you allow XML manipulation on the client (sorting, filtering, etc.). Of course, this solution is only really available on IE5+ and allegedly Netscape 6, but in the future, this should be more readily available.<BR><BR>Just my 2 cents on XML.<BR><BR>Chris

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    Horses for courses. I&#039ve recently completed a web site that uses a serverside and remote dbases. All pages rendered using asp and the only place for xml was in data transfer and syncronising the databases.<BR><BR>Until xml with xslt gains withspread and complete browser support, I see no benefits in adopting it as the only solution.<BR><BR>This is all very similar to the 1995 &#039Java is here to save us&#039 message...

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