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    What Issues are there with Access and supporting multiple users on one database? How do you resolve these problems? Do you need SQL server?

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    For any large system its absolutely necessary to use SQL Server or Oracle, Sybase, DB2 etc.. Exactly what is a large system? For my purposes its anything web based. I will not use access for anything I find it harder to work with than SQL Server is & its obviously not as scalable. In reality if your website were to be very well constructed in terms of the database objects & you could guarantee there&#039d be less than 10 concurrent users at peak times then it should be ok with access for the most part. You&#039ll probably encounter some errors where the DB is too busy or you cant connect but it should be minimal. <BR><BR>It also depends on what you are doing, if the users are just doing Select Statments you can get more users in. if there are a lot of updates the number of concurrent users is lower. SQL Server is expensive, I&#039d look at MySQL or XML as an alternative. MySQL is fast but doesnt have as good of a transactional model that SQL Server has. <BR><BR>Hope this helps <BR><BR>Scott S<BR>

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