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    I am trying compare an Access ID field to an NT login ID. I want to have Access check the NT login for a PC, and if it matches the ID for the project they are selecting, then they are given rights, otherwise, Access picks up that the ID&#039s are different and rights are not given. How do you find and link to the NT login ID? Thanks.

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    Check out this helpful article. It describes how to use NTCR (NT Challenge/Response) to get the UserName:<BR>http://www.learnasp.com/learn/authenticatentcr.asp

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    First, if you&#039re allowing anonymous authentication, you won&#039t be able to capture the username. You have to use clear text or NT Challenge/Response.<BR><BR>Then, you can capture the DOMAINUSERNAME combination with:<BR><BR>strUserName = Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER")<BR><BR>Remem ber that the domain component is a part of this string.<BR><BR>Michael Swanson, MCSE, MCP+Internet<BR>Webmaster<BR>Donnelly Corporation<BR>mike.swanson@donnelly.com<BR>

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