Working with ASP and XML. I have a small problem though. When reading through the XML file in ASP using <BR><BR>set objLst = objXML.getElementsByTagName("*")<BR><BR>All the elements and the tree is displayed correctly. The problem arrises when there is an empty element i.e. <BR><BR>&#060;ELEMENT1 nameID="1234" /&#062;<BR><BR>With this element being as such empty I am unable to return the attributes i.e. nameID. If the element is :<BR><BR>&#060;ELEMENT1 nameID="1234"&#062;99999&#060;/ELEMENT1&#062;<BR><BR>The attributes are returned without a problem. Can anyone help please?<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Paul....<BR><BR>Full ASP code can be shown on request..<BR>