How could one retrieve another web pages HTML sou

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Thread: How could one retrieve another web pages HTML sou

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    Default How could one retrieve another web pages HTML sou

    A while ago I posted a question of how could I within my ASP code, go and retrieve another web pages source HTML. The answer I got was that I would have to use something like AspHttp from serverobjects. I downloaded it from <BR>This has been successfull but this would be useful when building websites that are hosted by another web hosting company as I would not be allowed to install things like AspHTTP on their machines. So this leaves me with my original question: How could I retrieve another web pages HTML just using ASP alone ?<BR>Thank you.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Can't do it...

    ... really, can&#039t be done with out-of-the-box ASP alone.<BR><BR>Your only hope is that they have installed the full MDAC 2.6 w/the MSXML component and then you can use that component to get the data:<BR><BR>

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    Default Just wait for ASP.NET

    You can do this without any components through an ASP.NET page... and a billion other cool things that you can&#039t do with ASP out-of-the-box today (i.e., dynamic image creation, reading/writing to the event log, encryption, binary file manipulation (without pain), reading/writing to perf monitors, etc., etc.). :-)<BR><BR>For more info on ASP.NET check out:<BR><BR> -and-<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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