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    Morgan Bryan Guest

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    Hi<BR><BR>I realise my query is about the length of a piece of string but . . . <BR><BR>Can anybody give an idea of how many concurrent ASP pages can be handled by IIS (or NT whichever is the blocking point) on an average sized server running average size scripts on an Internet server (rather than Intranet)?<BR><BR>OK, stick your finger in the air if necessary.<BR><BR>Morgan

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    I think that depends on the ProcessorThreadMax registry setting. THere is a KB article on Microsoft&#039s site:<BR>

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    Mark Vick Guest

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    Yes, that is a good article to look at.<BR><BR>Also, I have heard of situations where having more load is better, becuase then NT keeps the page in memory, and thereby cuts out the read time from the hard drive. The bottom line is that a server can handle a lot.<BR><BR>But, it does depend on the machine hardware quite a bit.<BR><BR>Has anyone seen anything where they took a look at IDE vs SCSI, or 128MB vs 1GB RAM? These things can make a big, big difference without doing any software tweaking.

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