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    Arky Guest

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    Is there a way to step over and do watches in Jscript! I heard you can do it using InterDev, but its buggy and crashes, any other ways! Any third party apps, or anything besides writing out the variables on the page! God oh why god help me.<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Arky

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    steve magara Guest

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    I&#039m with you -- we need a better debugging environment. <BR><BR>In the meantime, you can try the Microsoft Script Debugger. It&#039s free and easier to invoke than interdev&#039s, though it has fewer features. You can&#039t change variables or watch them, only echo them out in the immediate pane. Kinda quirky but it beats writing out variables to the screen at times.<BR><BR>Some links<BR>&nbsp&nbspget the tool:<BR><BR>&nbsp&nbspusing it:<BR><BR>Hope it helps you.

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