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    Regarding CDONTS:<BR><BR>I am unable to get the BCC property of CDONTS to work correctly. This is the code I&#039m using<BR><BR> Set objEmail = New CDONTS.NewMail<BR> <BR> objEmail.From = sFromAddr<BR> objEmail.Bcc = ";"<BR> objEmail.Subject = sSubject<BR> objEmail.Body = sBody<BR> <BR> objEmail.Send<BR> <BR> Set objEmail = Nothing<BR><BR>If I do not specify a To Address, all of the BCC&#039s are visible in any recipient&#039s email. It seems that the BCCs are substituted for the To Address is missing. However, the TO address is supposed to be an optional field.<BR><BR>Am I doing something wrong. I want to be able to ignore the To address and use a long list of BCC addresses.<BR>

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    Try out by giving your email id in the To address and other full list in the bcc property.

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    Do you mean put my email address in the to address field? It&#039s already being used in the from address field. If possible, I would like not to specify a to address.

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