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    klovis Guest

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    Hello,<BR>I am trying to figure out how to move a record from one table to another within the same db, using ASP and Access. In the context of a help desk system, i want to be able to click on a &#039move record&#039 (once the call is closed) link which takes the ID of the recordset and inserts it inot the new table while deleting it from the old one. How can this be done? Wold select into be used? If anyone can show me some code i would be very grateful.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>k

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    besharah Guest

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    You can accomplish this with an insert statement and a subquery. (At least you can in Oracle). If you have a row in table &#039B&#039 that you want inserted into table &#039A&#039, you would write your SQL statement as follows:<BR><BR>insert into A select * from B where order_id = 8; The where clause will limit what gets moved from the first table into the second.<BR><BR>Hope that works in Access.

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    klovis Guest

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    thanks - that&#039s worked!

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