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    Hello!<BR><BR>I have a table with 34 fields in it and I can get most of what I want out of it. The problem I have now is that I want to get 4 certain things out and put them in an array then call them one at a time.<BR><BR>hmm.. this is what I want<BR><BR>I have four fields that are call game-one,game_two,game_three,game_four.<BR><BR>I want to display them on a page with the rest of the inforamtion but some people do not want to have 4 games so they leave the fourth feild blank. How do I make sure the right amout of games are showing without showing a blank game four on the page.<BR><BR>Not sure if I put this into words well but I tired. I am really tired and on my way out to work :( <BR><BR>Thanks for your help in this matter for me<BR>Stephen

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    If I am not wrong what you can do is use the check box on the first screen for example:<BR>Check1 value = game1<BR>Check2 value = game2<BR>Check3 value = game3<BR>Check4 value = game4<BR><BR>Okie on your ASP page you can check to see which check box is checked by the user, then display your content base on that result.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Duc

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    You can use yourrecordset.getrows to store the recordset in a two dimensional array. Then use a for next loop to loop through each. <BR><BR>It could look something like this...<BR><BR>SQL = "Select game-one, game_two, game_three, game_four from YourTableName"<BR><BR>Set rs = Connection.Execute(SQL)<BR><BR>GamesArray = rs.getrows<BR><BR>rs.Close<BR>Set rs=nothing<BR><BR>For i = ubound(GamesArray,2)<BR>&#039--Code to display games here--<BR>&#039--game-one = GamesArray(0,i)<BR>&#039--game_two = GamesArray(1,i)<BR>&#039--game_three = GamesArray(2,i)<BR>&#039--game_four = GamesArray(3,i)<BR>Next<BR><BR>Hope this helps...

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